The Road Ahead

Come with me and travel through the ways of life. Hope you like my new poem, The Road Ahead. Now also on Youtube and IGTV


Have ever been criticized for not being perfect? Or the only thing you demand from people is your perspective of perfection? Watch this and I hope this will open the eyes of many. Thanks a lot for all the support you all have given me so far. Hope you enjoy this poem.


Hey guys, my first blog post as a video recitation, Rain is out. Hope you all can comprehend with the love I have tried to explain for something that is a part of all our lives. Enjoy and thanks for the support.


Hey guys, I am back after quite a while and back with new poem EGO. This is a topic I have been planning to write about for quite some time but it had to moulded into a positive piece of work. Out of what I hv understood, ego indeed is a dangerous thing and people should know how to control it. Hope y’all like it.

My Jovial Holiday

Hey folks, its been a while but I am back from a lovely holiday. I visited Shimla and Manali and I just couldn’t resist myself from describing the beauty that left me flabbergasted in my way, the poetry way. I have also put pictures of the scenery, you’ll surely love this one

My quotes 

Hey everyone, I started writing quotes a couple of weeks back and I want to show all of what I have written till now, hope you guys like it


Dedicated to all those lovely people out who have stood up for me. Mom, Dad and all my friends, this one’s for you.

War and its Effects 

Hey folks, i want u all to please read this poem and know about all the rubbish happening all around the world and how i feel about it. Hope u like it


Hi, we all go through phases, phases covered with different emotions. Read my personal favorite poem “Emotions”, hope you like it